About Us

While life and all it’s curves can not be controled or manipulated as we choose. What can be controled or manipulated is our response to these “curves/obstacles”. In the midst of attempting to combat these common enemies, we at SolidDrip.Com find that Les Brown, Earl Nightangale, Tony Robbins, T.D. Jakes, Jim Rhon, Joyce Meyer, Juanita Bynum (and many others) with their straight forward approach to finances, spirituality, knowledge of self, the daily obstacles we face, life in general….and the biggest enemy we have…..OURSELVES, is not only absolutely a great idea but maybe even necessary in the daily hustle and bustle of life. Therefore we at SolidDrip.Com do our best to bring you continuous new content from these individuals and their motivational campaigns. We proudly post new material from these individuals all through out your work day and relaxing couch potato weekends. Weather in your car, at your computer, in your cubicle, or taking a moment with/from the children. You will find new posts hourly to help you get through your day. We are also working daily to upgrade and find other motivational speakers and or pieces that will be of use to you in your rise to meet your goals…or to simply make it through. Join us as we grow together and build a network of positive people with the common goal of being better rather than bitter. We accept submissions from copyright holders or authorized parties. So feel free to submit your motivational videos or any material you feel pertinent to helping your community.  We would like to thank Mr. Eric Pettway and the “Hardcore Tech Junkies” Team. We would also like to give honorable mention to the Royal Seal Empire for all its help and support. In a world of so much chaos we are honored to be part of such a great network. Enjoy!

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